Thursday, May 10, 2012
Posting stenciled art work

Back to Tagaytay for another round of training. This time, with Grade 7 MAPEH teachers.

We had a cozy number of about 200+ teachers in the room, all from different schools in the Philippines. It was more intensive than the last workshop. The food was better too! :)

To be honest, I appreciated the schedule they gave us this time. It felt less hurried and we had more time to interact, talk and coach the participants.

Tattoo designs on cups 

Weaving workshop
Saturday, May 05, 2012

K-12 Teacher Training Workshop @ DAP, Tagaytay

Teacher trainers working their magic.
Group shots of trainers from different regions.

Demo teachers!End of April 2012.
We had 1,500+ Grade 1 teachers from all over the Philippines to be trained on how to teach the new K-12 curriculum. We were Mrs. P as the convener, one veteran art teacher, two art curriculum writers and myself as the National Teacher Trainers for Art.

One whole week of sharing, laughing, speaking, teaching and having a fun. It was also a frustrating, hair-pulling, more-than-words-can-say kind of anger at times but it was worth it.

I would never claim to say that the workshop participants learned a lot from us and they would move on to greater and amazing art classes in the future but as in any class, you have high hopes for a chosen few with whom you felt understood what you were saying and you hoped they learned from the experience. To be honest, this was the biggest workshop I've ever helped facilitate. EVER. And to have a handful of them echo the workshop perfectly to other teachers in their region is a possibility and I'm hopeful.

If you're reading this and you are a teacher, you might want to visit our Facebok pages and download the K-12 Art Curriculum for Grade 1 and Grade 7 for FREE!! Yes, please don't be fooled into buying books for your Grade 1 or Grade 7 art classes. You can download it there, use it and hopefully, send us your pictures and feedback when you can.