Friday, July 20, 2012

Sarimanok-inspired artwork

Looking at the resources I had at home, mom had a large collection of books on Mindanao artwork and icons. I couldn't help it. Here was a whole month's worth of lessons just lying around and I wasn't using them! So, first up, the mythical Sarimanok. Colored paper, white acrylic paint, a bronze figure and legends on the Sarimanok started the course. I introduced Abdul Imao whose artwork on the Sarimanok gave the younger kids a simpler, vibrant picture of what they could make. An hour wasn't enough though. Sure, I had complaints, excitement, uncertainty and hand-holding as we started visually dissecting the Sarimanok, but I liked the challenge it gave them. I could wish for a lot more, more time, more silence. But its a start.